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  • ControlHelper - Common methods when manipulating WebControls
  • CountryLookup - Determine the country of an IP address
  • CreditCard - Validate credit cards and determine their types
  • GeographyWizard - Get state and country codes from names, and vice versa
  • Logging - Logs user actions, traces and exceptions on ASP.NET applications
  • MailingAddress - A simple class to hold address information
  • PingMachine - Periodically loads a page on multiple websites to make sure they stay active and alive
  • ScriptDeferFilter - Pushes Javascript code to the bottom of HTML pages
  • SqlTools - Common tools used when accessing databases
  • SslRedirect - Makes sure that a set of pages are served through SSL
  • StringFormat - Set of common methods for manipulating strings
  • VersionTagger - Ensures browsers get the latest Javascript and CSS files referenced in HTML documents
  • UniversalLoginModule - A simple HttpModule to protect entire websites from public view and prevent search engine indexing

SharpNick is strong-name signed can be installed in the GAC. Some classes require configuration.

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